Why should you apply for a FAST Team grant?

LAAAMP and the African Light Source invite all potential applicants to the 2023 FAST Team call (deadline 30 Sept 2022) to join the LAAAMP-AfLS workshop on 8 September

LAAAMP-AfLS workshop
8 September, 2-5 PM GMT+2 (Africa/Johannesburg time)

The workshop, organised by LAAAMP and the African Light Source, will include presentations by past awardees as well as guidance for submitting competitive proposals. To register please go to https://events.saip.org.za/e/LAAAMP2023


Lawrence Norris (Arlington Science and Technology Alliance, AfLS Executive Committee)


Sekazi K. Mtingwa (LAAAMP Executive Committee, Manager of the FAST Team Programme), Writing Successful LAAAMP FAST Proposals
Simon Connell (Chair of AfLS Executive Committee), The AfLS initiative 
Michele Zema (Chair of LAAAMP Executive Committee), The IUPAP-IUCr-ICTP LAAAMP initiative
Delia Haynes (Stellenbosch University), Introduction to African Crystallographic Association (AfCA)
Giorgio Paolucci (Chief Scientific Officer, Elettra), Elettra
Jasper Rikkert Plaisier (Head of MCX beamline, Elettra), The MCX beamline currently hosting a LAAAMP FAST team
Sidoine Bonou (X-TechLab, Benin), Live presentation of a LAAAMP FAST Team currently at Elettra Synchrotron
Hitoshi Abe (Photon Factory (PF), Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS), High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)), Photon Factory
Gordon Leonard (European Synchrotron Radiation Dacility), ESRF
Simon Billinge (Columbia University), Columbia Univ., BNL NSLS-II, Diamond

Panel Discussion

Effective Advertising to Potential Applicants 

Posted 08 Aug 2022