Awarded FAculty-STudent (FAST) teams
Call June-December 2017


FAST team: Diouma Kobor & Ndèye Coumba Yandé Fall (University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor, Senegal)
Project title: Multiferroic Behaviour Investigation of PZN-PT Perovskite Thin Film Deposit on Nanostructured p-type Silicon Surface and on ITO substrate.
Visiting facility: ESRF, Grenoble (France)
Mentors: Fabrice Wilhelm (ID12), Manfred Burghammer (ID13), Marcel Pasquinelli (Im2np, Marseille)
Period: 6 November - 15 December 2017

FAST team: Oluseyi Philip Oladijo & Keagisitswe Setswalo (Botswana Int’l Univ. of Science and Technology)
Project title: Residual stress distribution of cold sprayed coatings on metal substrates
Visiting facility: Photon Factory/Institute of Materials Structure Science/KEK, Tsukuba (Japan)
Mentors: Hitoshi Abe, Shinichi Adachi (BL-8)
Period: 15 November - 15 December 2017


FAST team: Richard A. Taylor & Reco Phillips (University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago)
Project title: Transition Metal Biphenyl Schiff’s Base Liquid Crystal (LC) Compounds for LC Applications
Visiting facility: National Synchrotron Light Source-II/Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York (USA)
Mentor: Eric Dooryhee 
Period: 27 October - 22 December 2017


FAST team: Erika Salas Muñoz & Julio César Lerma Hernández (University of Chihuahua)
Project title: The Structure-Antioxidant Activity Relationship of Polyphenols
Visiting facility: ESRF, Grenoble (France)
Mentor: Hiram Castillo-Michel (ID21)
Period: 1 October - 30 November

FAST team: Ibrahim Serroukh & Marco Antonio Gardunio Ramón (Autonomous University of Queretaro)
Project title: Image quality and dose for conventional and synchrotron mammography in early stage
Visiting facility: ESRF, Grenoble (France)
Mentor: Alberto Bravin (ID17)
Period: 6 November - 29 December 2017

Middle East

FAST team: Kirsi Lorentz & Grigoria Ioannou (The Cyprus Institute)
Project title: SR-IR, SR-XAFS/XRF, SR phase contrast microCT, and other SR enabled approaches as enablers of analyses of ancient human remains from the Middle East: identification, characterisation, imaging, and exploration of preservation status
Visiting facility: ESRF, Grenoble (France) and SESAME, Allan (Jordan)
Mentor: Jean Susini (ID19, ID21 and others)
Period: 1 October - 30 November 2017

FAST team: Shehab E. Ali & Ahmed Hassan Ibrahim (Suez Canal University, Egypt)
Project title: Investigation of Structural and Magnetic Properties of YxLa1-xFeO3 Synthesized through Citrate Auto-Combustion Technique
Visiting facility: ELETTRA, Trieste (Italy)
Mentor: Giuliana Aquilanti (XAFS)
Period: 28 December - 28 February 2018