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LAAAMP midterm workshop

Start Date 24th Aug 2018
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This Workshop provided a discussion of the history and status of the African Light Source Initiative and Mexican Synchrotron Radiation Project, as well as the status and future plans of SESAME, Elettra and the Siam Photon Source. Moreover, it offered a detailed discussion of LAAAMP and its various programmes in Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Middle East. An update was also provided on the Informational Brochure on Advanced Light Sources and Crystallography, which is published for the benefit of governmental officials and the public.


Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Giambagi Lecture Room, Adriatico Guesthouse
Trieste, Italy 


Moderator: Sekazi Mtingwa, Chair, LAAAMP Executive Committee

Fernando Quevedo, Director of ICTP, Welcome
Sekazi Mtingwa, Chair, IUPAP C13 Commission, Greetings from IUPAP C13 Commission
Sandro Scandolo, LAAAMP Executive Committee, LAAAMP Overview
Ernie Malamud, Editor, LAAAMP Brochure and Report on visit to Dr. Heide Hackmann, ISC Executive Director
Alfonso Franciosi, President and CEO, Elettra: Present Status and Future Plans
Giorgio Paolucci, Scientific Director, SESAME: Present Status and Future Plans
Prapong Klysubun, Deputy Director for Operations, Siam Photon Source: Present Status and Future Plans
Matías Moreno, Chair, Mexican Synchrotron Radiation Project
Sekazi Mtwinga, AfLS Steering Committee, African Light Source Initiative
Sekazi Mtingwa, Closing Summary
Dinner at Principe di Metternich

Location Trieste
Contact Sekazi Mtingwa
URL http://laamp.iucr.org