Event Name SESAME Teachers Workshop Online 2022
Start Date 17th Jan 2022
End Date 27th Jan 2022
Duration 11 days
Description SESAME_Chalkboard_A

High School Science teachers interested in connecting your students to learning through research are invited!!


The science community at SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science & Applications in the Middle East) collectively with LAAAMP (Lightsources for Africa, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Pacific) and the CLS (Canadian Light Source) offer this virtual professional development opportunity with the following goals:

  • Build awareness of regional science research facilities like SESAME for science teachers to support science education efforts.
  • Create a network of science teachers interested in contributing to accessible teaching resources featuring science research facilities.
  • Develop relationships and capacity for student led inquiry projects at research facilities.
  • Contribute to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goal #4 (inclusive and equitable quality education) that call for integrated global action to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030. https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal4

This workshop focuses on the SESAME Synchrotron Light Source to learn more about synchrotrons and research they are capable of. For an excellent description, in several languages, of light sources see the LAAAMP brochure. Strong curricular connections can be made to subject areas including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, plus general Science and Maths. We offer eight 90-minute sessions at 5pm Jordan time (GMT + 2) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday of the last two weeks of January. There will be lots of opportunity to meet your colleagues, network, and build a community.

To apply for this workshop, please fill the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.
DEADLINE: 20 December 2021


  Download the STWO Programme in pdf format


4:30-5:00 PM (GMT + 2) Virtual Hangout *OPTIONAL*
Opportunity for teachers to connect before the first session to address any technical difficulties.

5:00 PM (GMT + 2) Welcome & Introductions

Özgül Öztürk (LAAAMP, SESAME User Committee) 
Andrea Lausi (SESAME, Jordan)
Mirwat Shamshad (School of Astronomy & Physics, Pakistan)
Tracy Walker (CLS, Canada)

Tracy Walker & Andrea Lausi, Introduction to Synchrotrons and Education 

A very general introduction to synchrotron facilities like the ones in Jordan and Canada including how synchrotron light (X-rays and infrared) are produced plus examples of how it is applied in world-class research.


Andrea Lausi (Scientific Director, SESAME, Jordan) Virtual Tour of SESAME 

This will be a virtual tour around the facility including visits to beamlines and explanations from the science staff followed by a question period.


Giorgio Paolucci (Chief Scientific Officer, Elettra, Italy), Thierry d´Almeida (CEA, France and X-TechLab, Benin) Connections of Synchrotron Research to Science Curriculum 

While the technical aspects of light production fit well in Physics, applications of that light to research connect very with Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Sciences, as well as Computer Sciences, Math, and History. Followed by a discussion of possible classroom connections lead by science teachers.


Gianluca Iori (SESAME Beamline Scientist, Jordan) Tomography at SESAME

Tomography is creating images of an object by stitching together individual 'slices'. Dr. Iori will demonstrate this X-ray technique using visible light.    


Itamar Feigenbaum (Ort Oren School, Israel), Masoumeh Shahsavari (Javan Student Research Center, Iran), Alp Köksal (Hisar School, Turkey) Physics Curriculum in Synchrotrons

EM spectrum, light & optics, waves, vacuum systems, magnetic fields, and more! These teachers will highlight connections between the concepts discussed in previous sessions to those presented in the classroom. 


Kudakwashe (Kuda) Jakata (ESRF, Wits University South Africa) Research Story: Tomography in Palaeontology 


Tracy Walker (CLS, Canada) Using Research & Facilities in Science Education

Exploring inquiry-based learning with students, examples from the Canadian Light Source


Mirwat Shamshad (School of Astronomy & Physics/Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan) Pakistan Student Research Project

The story of a student lead research including a social science survey and spectroscopy at a synchrotron.

Andrea Lausi (SESAME, Jordan) What are the opportunities? 


Organizing committee


Özgül Öztürk, LAAAMP, SESAME User Committee, University of Siegen, Germany
Tracy Walker, CLS Education Programs Lead, Canada
Andrea Lausi, SESAME Scientific Director, Jordan


Sekazi K. Mtingwa, LAAAMP, TriSEED Consultants, Chair of the IUPAP C13 Commission for Development, USA
Michele Zema, LAAAMP, IUCr Executive Outreach Officer, University of Bari, Italy
Itamar Feigenbaum, Ort Oren School, Israel
Masoumeh Shahsavari, Javan Student Research Center, Iran
Alp Köksal, Hisar School, Turkey
Mirwat Shamshad, School of Astronomy & Physics/Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan 

For information, please contact Özgül Öztürk at Oezguel.Oeztuerk@uni-siegen.de